Healthy teeth and smiles are essential to your overall well-being and self-esteem. Taking care of your teeth through brushing and flossing can prevent serious medical conditions and preserve your health.

At Glow Dental NYC, our fully-equipped dental office accepts patients from throughout the Tri-State area, providing patients with more than just dental cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

Making a Difference in Your Care

From your baby’s first tooth to restorative dentistry, Glow Dental NYC provides affordable dental care for you and your family. Our dental team uses the latest techniques with the most current technology to care for common dental issues and treat complex problems. Dr. Huang and her team will provide you with information for daily tooth care at home to prevent the onset of diseases and the expensive costs associated with them. During your visit with Dr. Huang, you will be provided with a full array of dental services to maintain your healthy teeth, including:


Glow Dental NYC provides an almost no-wait approach to appointments and makes walking in to and from work for your cleanings a pleasant, smooth transition from the hustle of the city. Our office provides an extensive array of dental services, all under the guidance of Dr. Alina Huang, who has been practicing dentistry in Manhattan for the last nine years. Our private practice makes a difference in Midtown by bringing a personalized approach to dentistry. Through gentle approaches and precise techniques, our office refines our skills and works hard to create a positive impact on our patients and their oral health. For us, making a difference in our patient’s lives is what rewards us the most.

For more information about Glow Dental NYC, contact our practice today to receive comfortable, quality dental care.

Your Initial Oral Examination

Your oral examination will include a visual examination, periodontal probing, charting, and diagnostics to determine your current oral health. Our staff will take x-rays using digital radiography and practice management software to enhance your experience and keep all health information related to your health in a fully digitized platform. Our digital systems allow our dental team to increase the turnaround time for imagery and files necessary for your recommended treatments, allowing us to provide you with excellent dental care.

How Our Office Provides Convenience

Our office provides an extensive amount of amenities and technologies to expand on their experience with us. Among those options include:

Comfortable Dental Furniture – From our dental chairs to the sitting room, our focus on comfortable, supportive furniture that highlights the experience and enhance your environment while being treated at our office.

Enhanced Sterilization Systems – Our sterilization systems work efficiently to protect our patients and ourselves from spreading bacteria and viruses. We follow and reinforce critical steps in place by our practice to clean and sterilize our instruments, furniture, operatories, and waiting rooms for a fresh, cleansed feel for our patients.

Clutter-Free Space – We understand that visits to the doctors can be frustrating, especially while living and working within the city. That’s why at Glow Dental NYC, our office is arranged and designed with an open-space feel, all aimed at enhancing your experience during your visit. Our waiting rooms are arranged to expand the room instead of overcrowding.

Intricate, Modern Designs – At Glow Dental NYC, we choose to glow! That’s why our design scheme focuses on neutral warm beige offset with dark blues and browns to enhance the feeling of soothing comfort and relaxation throughout our practice.

Netflix and Clean – During your appointment with us, we offer flat-screen, HD TV sets in each of our dental offices, where during your examination, you can watch your favorite shows, all while getting your teeth cleaned!

Detail-Orientated, Thorough Care – Our staff members work together to create a cohesive, welcoming environment for every patient. Our focus on providing caring, trustworthy dental work allows us to focus on each patient’s specific needs and over-exceed their expectations. We always greet our patients with courtesy and respect and make sure that each patient leaves with a happy, healthy smile.

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