Restorative dentistry treats oral and dental conditions head-on by addressing the structural problems presented in your mouth and restoring them back to health through the use of prosthetic teeth, extensive cleanings, cavity removals, and more. For those with damaged and missing teeth, restorative dentistry takes complicated cases and transforms them back into healthy smiles. At Glow Dental NYC, Dr. Huang and her team can provide the following services to restore your teeth back to health:

  • LANAP Laser Gum treatment – Our office offers periodontal therapy using laser technology to remove the targeted areas of infected gum.
  • Periodontal Scaling/Planing – For patients severely affected by periodontal disease, we provide periodontal scaling/planing to clean the gums of hardened plaque.
  • Provisional restorations – For preparation for extensive treatment, we offer temporary restorations to allow patients to adjust to their restorations.
  • Root Canals – At Glow Dental NYC, we can perform root canals to clean the root cavity of the infected tooth.
  • Dentures, Crowns, Bridges, Implants – These restorative prosthetics provide both aesthetic and oral health restoration back to the mouth for a healthier smile.

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