Get a perfect, brand new smile!

Imagine yourself with a brand new, picture-perfect smile; dental veneers might be the solution that makes it a reality. Dental Veneers & laminates are the perfect solutions for correcting tooth discoloration and slight misalignment. Dental veneers are then shells that are placed on the front side of your teeth to customize what your teeth look like. In most cases, our patients can fully transform their smiles in a single visit. Whether you are looking for a cosmetic treatment to change your entire smile, or you want to repair a single tooth, the versatility of veneers and the expertise of the Glow Dental team of New York City can remodel and remake your entire smile.

Are veneers for me?

You may be a candidate for veneers if you are looking for a minimally invasive cosmetic dental treatment to improve the appearance of your smile. As mentioned before, veneers are exceptionally versatile and can address the following concerns:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Teeth with gaps between them
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Unevenly sized teeth
  • Oddly shaped teeth
  • Teeth that are too small
  • Stained or discolored teeth

However for you to be an ideal candidate for veneers, the teeth being treated must be free from tooth decay. If any tooth decay is found, you will simply need to have it treated before getting your veneers placed. To determine if you are an ideal candidate for veneers,schedule a consultation with Dr. Alina Huang DDS at your Midtown Manhattan dental office today.

4 Top Reasons for Veneers


If your morning coffee or something similar is staining your teeth, or maybe you have chipped or slightly crooked teeth that don’t need braces, dental veneers can fix that in a snap.


Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic treatment and can work wonders on discoloration. However, some patients want immediate transformation and results after unsuccessfully trying to keep their teeth pearly white or after a small accident that leaves them crooked or uneven.


Your teeth may be strong and healthy, but many things can cause teeth to show some wear and tear. With veneers, your doctor can create the best-looking color and shape to fit unnoticed within your smile.


Small or big, a gap or space between your teeth can affect the way you smile and eat. While some people love their natural tooth gap, others want to change and fix it. If you want to have a more even tooth spacing, speak to your Glow Dental team about how veneers can help you feel confident in your smile.

Veneers can be made from both porcelain and composite resin. Most cosmetic dentists will recommend porcelain, however, because it is strong, long lasting, and stain resistant. Composite veneers are reversible, while porcelain veneers are not.

What can I expect when having veneers placed at Glow Dental?

When having veneers placed, you can expect to attend two dental appointments. The first appointment is necessary to prepare the teeth and obtain information for the dental laboratory to custom fabricate your veneers. Your dentist will anesthetize prior to beginning the preparation in order to keep you comfortable. Once you are numb, a small amount of enamel will be removed from your teeth. This allows the veneer to fit seamlessly over your teeth.

After your teeth have been prepared, a dental impression or oral scan will be taken to obtain the information necessary to fabricate your veneers. Before leaving the office, you will also have temporary veneers placed to protect your teeth until the permanent restoration is complete. In about 1-2 weeks, you will return to your cosmetic dentist’s office to have your permanent veneers fit and adhered to your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Between the first and second appointments, you will be wearing temporary veneers. It is important to note that temporary veneers are not as strong as permanent veneers, therefore you should take care not to bite into foods that are excessively hard, chewy, sticky, or crunchy. You may also experience some minor tooth sensitivity until your teeth have adapted.

Once your permanent veneers are placed, you can return to your usual diet. However, you will still want to exercise caution when eating foods that can damage your veneers. It is also important to avoid nail biting, chewing on ice, and bruxism to prevent damage. Finally, you will need to care for your veneers by practicing good oral hygiene habits, like brushing twice a day and flossing.


Visit Glow Dental for Veneer and Laminate Services

Veneers and laminates are the dental solutions for actors, TV hosts, and anyone who wants an instantly transformed smile. If you have healthy and strong teeth and are ready to enhance and perfect your smile, speak to the experts at Glow Dental in New York City.


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